Friday, April 29, 2016

The Update: 4-29-16

ABQ Free Press Update, Apr. 29, 2016 With: Dennis Domrzalski and Samantha Anne Carrillo Topics: DOJ criticizes APD and city officials over inept policymaking process and false statements; massive new tool implemented to help clean up Kirtland Air Force Base fuel spill; N.M. Supreme Court Chief Justice Charles Daniels advocates proposed constitutional amendment (which will be on the November ballot) to give judges the authority to deny bail to dangerous suspects; our new issue (out Wednesday) will feature an interview with author James Riech about his prelude to Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness, entitled Mistah Kurtz! and upcoming visit to Bookworks; brand new installments of all A&E columns will keep readers up to date with what's going down in the Duke City; U.S. economy sees slowest growth rate in two years, but at least personal income and personal savings rates increased. That's it for now; have fun out there. KANW logo v4 DomrzalskiMugSamantha Anne Carrillo

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