Thursday, July 14, 2016

Skate Park Shooter in Action

Meet ABQ's Teflon Man

Despite a history of violence, Greg Buchanan remains on the streets

Does he have a special relationship with APD?

Greg Buchanan, who has admitted to police that he was the Los Altos Skate Park shooter who killed 17-year-old Jaquise Lewis last year, is the star of this video. Buchanan, 24, is the man in the dark T-shirt who instigates a fight at 13601 Copper Ave. NE on May 16 that was captured on the store's security cameras. The man in the white shirt is Miguel Ortega, 36. After the incident, Ortega was charged with aggravated assault and carrying a firearm into a liquor establishment. Buchanan wasn't charged, although video surveillance footage clearly shows that Buchanan was the aggressor. The footage  shows Buchanan encountering Ortega in the 7-Eleven, shoving him, chasing him and tackling him outside, then beating him. Once free of Buchanan, the footage shows Ortega pulling a Glock pistol from his pocket and firing 17 shots at the fleeing Buchanan, as a terrified motorist pumping gas ducks for cover during the fusillade. The family of Lewis has argued that Buchanan has a special relationship with APD that has allowed him to avoid prosecution in the skate park shooting and in connection with other crimes. See our earlier coverage of Buchanan and his run-ins with the law here.

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