Wednesday, June 1, 2016

ABQ Free Press Readers on Trump, Sanders, Clinton

Our readers slam, praise the 2016 presidential field

Hillary Clinton. She’s got such a long history in the public eye that she would have a difficult time winning the general election. The fact that Rs have managed to nominate such a flawed, weak, radioactive candidate is a huge blessing. This will be like winning the World Cup 1-0 on an own goal, but we should take it. – Joe, Democrat Hillary Clinton is a cynical and corrupt person, for sale to the highest bidder, and in politics to serve her own ambition and interests. – Stue, Republican Donald Trump. The reason I prefer him is because he isn’t a typical politician. Many call him a “reality star” but he is truly just a good businessman. I appreciate his passionate plans and desires to do what he thinks is best for our country. However, he needs to act like an adult and choose his words wisely. – Emily, Independent Gary Johnson. He’s a two-time governor with an extremely high approval rate due to his ability to do his job without interfering with citizens’ rights and freedoms while leaving office with money in the bank instead of higher taxes and debt. – Marialexandria, other party Donald Trump. Speaks his mind, truly cares about America and all American citizens. A very intelligent man that can negotiate and choose the right people to make America great again. – Lisa, Republican Bernie Sanders. The only candidate who could end up in the same breath as Washington, Lincoln, and FDR. – Matt, Democrat Bernie Sanders’ values reflect my own, but Congress will block him from accomplishing anything. – Lisa, Democrat Hillary gets things done. She’s much more of a progressive change agent than anyone else running. – Carter, Democrat Donald Trump has all the qualifications for the anti-Christ. – Jan, Independent Bernie Sanders is the most progressive of the mainstream candidates running for office who has a long career looking out for the well-being of his community. – Daniel, Independent Hillary Clinton. She’s whip-smart, and while her complicated political history makes her seem difficult to trust, I’m confident she’s more honest than not and would be an effective leader on both domestic and foreign issues. – Karie, Democrat Hillary ClintonBernie Sanders: a revolutionary presidential nominee who could bring our government back to the standards JFK had during the best years of our country. – Tabitha, Democrat Trump: dangerous moron. – Lisa, Democrat Bernie Sanders represents 99 percent of the people. He is honest, trustworthy and caring and is working to help these people, who in the past have just been swept under the rug. – Laura, Democrat Jill Stein advocates much of what Sanders is offering plus more with her “Green New Deal” plan, which will create millions of jobs by transitioning to 100 percent clean renewable energy by 2030. – Annie, Democrat Trump: unfairly misunderstood. – Jordan, Independent Bernie SandersGary Johnson. Only candidate other than Donald Trump who understands the danger of our national debt and how our current economy is on the verge of collapse. – Aaron, Republican Bernie Sanders is the answer to our nation’s problems. We cannot let someone bought and paid for by Wall Street continue to feed corporate greed. – Jovani, Independent Donald Trump is a dangerous opportunistic troll who should limit himself to bankrupting casinos and exploiting his imported wives. – Michelle, Green Bernie Sanders is in my opinion the candidate most committed to protecting the rights of labor and ending U.S. imperialism. – Margaret, Democrat. Donald Trump is a garbage human. – Rachael, Democrat. Bernie Sanders is a truly authentic candidate who represents my first opportunity to vote for the greater good instead of the lesser of two evils. – Martin, Democrat Hillary Clinton is a lying, manipulative, heartless criminal who cares more about the lining of her back pocket than the American people. – Brian, Democrat Donald TrumpBernie Sanders means well but has all the wrong solutions. – Daniel, other Trump is bat-shit crazy. – Denise, Democrat If Donald Trump wins, he will be indicted before his first term is up. – Elisa, Democrat Bernie Sanders. I think he is the least likely to continue our pattern of endless war. – Susan, Democrat Donald Trump is a plant by the Clinton campaign so they can scare or bully both Democrats and Republicans into voting for her. – “S,” Democrat Trump is an idiot. So is Hillary. Gary turned into a crackpot and is not even trying. We are screwed either way this time around. – Brett, Democrat

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