Thursday, May 26, 2016

One Trump Protester’s Story

Interruption of Trump Led to a Night in Jail

BY M. BRIANNA STALLINGS Tylina Hardy, 30, was one of two protesters arrested at Donald Trump’s presidential rally at the Albuquerque Convention Center Tuesday. After chanting “Stop the Hate!” amidst a group of rally attendees, Hardy was forcibly removed from the center by police and later charged with disorderly conduct. She was held overnight at the Metropolitan Detention Center. Hardy told ABQ Free Press that “it was actually really easy” to get into the Convention center. “I got Downtown at about four, then I walked through the protest, around a barrier, and into the front of the line,” Hardy said. “They didn't even check my ticket!” Hardy felt it important to protest Trump's presence in Albuquerque. “Being such a multicultural city, and in a state that ranks low in most things, I wanted to let my sisters and brothers know that they are meaningful.” Hardy also said that she “wanted to interrupt Trump, and he shut up for an entire minute.” Hardy said that APD officers “were pretty kind” after her arrest, but that “MDC was hard to deal with.” When asked what impact she hopes her actions will have on New Mexico voters, Hardy replied, “I hope that I inspired people to use their voice to stand up for what they believe in, or against harmful words or actions. I hope I gave hope to people who are despairing about this election. I hope I could start a conversation about what protesting means, and be an example of a more productive way of being angry.” Image courtesy of

The article One Trump Protester’s Story is courtesy of ABQ Free Press

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