Monday, April 4, 2016

The Update: 4-1-16

ABQ Free Press Update, Apr. 1, 2016 With: Dennis Domrzalski and Samantha Anne Carrillo Topics: City of Albuquerque to pay Det. Jacob Grant $6.5 million to settle civil lawsuit; Grant also requested that the City release the lapel video of Brachle shooting him eight times during an undercover drug bust; ACLU sues NM PED over allegedly "unconstitutional" policy restricting teachers from disparaging standardized testing; Aviation Police Chief Marshall Katz on paid administrative leave pending investigation of mishandled drug evidence; our upcoming issue will cover the grand opening of local cat cafĂ© Gatos y Galletas; exclusive interview with king of surf rock Dick Dale; Christa Valdez interviews Patrick Fabian; Mayor Berry's administration announces delay of BRT project construction due to approval hurdles; the City of Albuquerque also to pay former paramedic Brad Tate $295,000 to settle wrongful termination lawsuit. That's it for now; have fun out there. KANW logo v4 DomrzalskiMugSamantha Anne Carrillo

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